"Virtual Storytelling Conference:

Storytelling in a World Shaped by



This 24-hour Conference started on Saturday 16th May 2020

at 9am Eastern USA time / 6:30pm India time.

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Conference Introduction


Conference Schedule


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Recordings --






Panel Discussion


The 1st of the 18 events in the Conference.


A recording of the Panel Discussion that

opened the (24-hour) Virtual Storytelling

Conference on Saturday 16th May is here

(100 minutes).


9:00am-10:30am USA Eastern time.   

6:30pm-8:00pm India time.


Panel Discussion Speakers --

1) Katie Knutson (Vice-Chair, National Storytelling Network, USA).

2) Arna Seal (Kelaza, India).

3) Geeta Ramanujam (Kathalaya, India)

4) Howard Lieberman (Board Member, NSN, USA).

5) Mubeen Irshad (Story Carpet, India).

6) Mary Alice Arthur (SOAR, USA).

7) Eric Miller (Conference director)

8) Michael McCarty (Have Mouth Will Run It, USA).







Storytelling Performances (and Discussions)


1) The Storytelling by Srividya V. (Chennai) is here.


2) The Storytelling by Debjani Badhuri (Chennai) is here.


3) The Tandem Storytelling by Debjani Badhuri and

Pretigaya Haran (Chennai) is here.


4) The Storytelling by Judith Heineman (New York City) is here.


5) The Storytelling by Tracy Chipman (Wisconsin) is here.


6) The Storytelling by Eric Miller (Chennai) is here.   


7) The Storytelling by Wangari Grace (Kenya) is here.


8) The Storytelling by Rebecca Lemaire (Spain) is here.


9) The Storytelling by Banu H. (Chennai) is here.


10) The Storytelling by Ambuja N. (Chennai) is here.


11) The Storytelling by Vasugi Ram Manohar (Chennai) is here.


12) The Storytelling by Lavanya Prasad (Bangalore) is here.







Closing Words


The 18th of the 18 events in the Conference.


A recording of the Closing Words Session

that ended the (24-hour) Virtual Storytelling

Conference on 17 May 2020 is here

(11 minutes).












Links to additional Conference recordings

would be posted here soon.