"Virtual Storytelling Conference:

Storytelling in a World Shaped by



A 24-hour Conference starting on Saturday 16th May 2020

at 9am Eastern USA time / 6:30pm India time.

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Panel Discussion --

9:00am-10:30am USA Eastern time (Saturday 16th May).    

6:30pm-8:00pm India time (Saturday 16th May).  

1) Katie Knutson (Chair, National Storytelling Network, USA).

2) Arna Seal (Kelaza, India).

3) Geeta Ramanujam (Kathalaya, India)

4) Howard Lieberman (Board Member, NSN, USA).

5) Mubeen Irshad (Story Carpet, India).

6) Mary Alice Arthur (SOAR, USA).

7) Eric Miller (Conference director)

8) Michael McCarty (Have Mouth Will Run It, USA).




Storytelling Performances --


The given locations are where the

Storytellers would be connecting from. 

The orders of tellings may change.


Storytelling Session 1 of 4.

Performances by Storytellers in India -- Group A.

(11 minutes by/for each Storyteller:

9 minutes for telling, 2 minutes for discussion.)

10:30am-Noon USA Eastern time (Saturday 16th May).    

8:00pm-9:30pm India time (Saturday 16th May). 

1) Sandhya Ruban (Chennai).

2) Srividya V. (Chennai).

3) Yogita Ahuja (Ahmedabad).

4) Priyanka Chatterjee (Kolkata).

5) Seema Wahi Mukherjee (New Delhi).

6) Debjani Badhuri (Chennai).

7) Pretigaya Haran (Chennai).

8) Jeeva Raghunath (Chennai).


Storytelling Session 2 of 4.

Performances by Storytellers around the World -- Group A.

(11 minutes by/for each Storyteller:

9 minutes for telling, 2 minutes for discussion.)

1:30pm-3:00pm USA Eastern time (Saturday 16th May).       

11:00pm-12:30am India time (beginning on Saturday 16th May). 

1) Carrie Sue Ayvar (Florida).       

2) Jane Dorfman (Washington, DC).

3) Judith Shuldiner (New York City). 

4) Norman Perrin (Canada).

5) Tracy Chipman (Wisconsin).                                                   

6) Valentina Ortiz (Mexico). 

7) Rona Leventhal (Massachusetts).

8) Steve Daut (Michigan).


Storytelling Session 3 of 4.

Performances by Storytellers around the World -- Group B.

(11 minutes by/for each Storyteller:

9 minutes for telling, 2 minutes for discussion.)

3:00am-4:30am USA Eastern time (Sunday 17th May).         

12:30pm-2:00pm India time (Sunday 17th May).

1) Michael D. McCarty (California).          

2) Shreya Biswas (Bangalore).

3) Sonia Bareja Punhani (New Delhi).

4) Anna Fancett (Oman). 

5) Wangari Grace (Kenya).                                                           

6) Sonia Carmona Tapia (Spain). 

7) Rebecca Lemaire (Spain).

8) Baya the Storyteller (Ireland). 


Storytelling Session 4 of 4.

Performances by Storytellers in India -- Group B.

(10 minutes by/for each Storyteller:

8 minutes for telling, 2 minutes for discussion.)

7:30am-8:30am USA Eastern time (Sunday 17th May).         

5:00pm-6:00pm India time (Sunday 17th May). 

1) Indu Divya (Chennai).

2) Geeta Ramanujam (Bangalore).

3) Banu H. (Chennai).

4) Ambuja N. (Chennai).   

5) Vasugi Ram Manohar (Chennai).

6) Lavanya Prasad (Bangalore).




Storytelling Workshops --


Workshop 1 -- Maja Bumberák (Budapest, Hungary).

"Back to the Roots: Oral Storytelling in the Classroom,

with Reference to Traditional Hungarian Storytellers,

Storytelling, and Stories." 

A story we pass on is much more than just words.

It is magic, connection, presence, love, and images

coming to life through the act of oral storytelling.

What are the linguistic and performative tools of

creating such magic? And how can this magic be

used in powerful and beneficial ways in the world

of education? 

     I invite you to join me on a journey and explore

these questions through the tradition of Hungarian

oral storytelling. What can we learn here and now

about the art of painting images? In the workshop

we will think together, share stories, and discuss

ideas -- at times in pairs -- and I will share stories

from Hungarian folklore. Looking forward to seeing


(Especially for Teachers and Parents.)

3:00pm-4:30pm USA Eastern time (Saturday 16th May).      

12:30am-2:00am India time (Sunday 17th May).


Workshop 2 -- Tim Sheppard (Bristol, UK).

"Boldly Human: Deep Connection the Fun Way."

A fast-paced interactive session of games and

other experiences drawn from 30 years of my

Wild Times for Storytellers workshops.

Helping storytellers and others to be more

confident, present, and free with your

audience members, so that even online and

virtually you can create greater connection

and engagement. This is about reclaiming our

ability to lead others into powerful storytelling

experiences, by drawing on our inner presence

and playful boldness.

(Especially for Adults.)

4:30pm-6:00pm USA Eastern time (Saturday 16th May).      

2:00am-3:30am India time (Sunday 17th May).                       


Workshop 3 -- Gail Herman (Board Member, NSN, USA).

"Creating and Telling Tall Tales."

Ever wonder how to create or tell a tall tale? 

Or, maybe you have one!  Explore and share ideas

for “whoppers” based on extravagant characters,

creatures, animals and objects. In this workshop

we will learn about and share tall tales; a bit of

truth to start with is a key, perhaps told about

location and someone/something “you know”

you “knew." After hearing a tale, and hearing

about the “Liars’ Bench,” we will jot down ideas

and break up into small groups to share ideas to

create stories. Storytellers Adam Booth, Katie

Ross, and Jo Ann Dadisman (of the West Virginia

Storytelling Guild) will assist.  We will close with a

group sharing.  Get ready for some fun! (And I’m

not lying!)

(For All.)

6:00pm-7:30pm USA Eastern time (Saturday 16th May).      

3:30am-5:00am India time (Sunday 17th May).


Workshop 4 -- Jeff Gere (Hawaii Talk Story Festival).

" 'Rhythm & Rhyme, Call & Response':

A Word-Sound-Shape Technique for Performing Tales."

"Rhythm & Rhyme, Call & Response" is a classroom

tested, ‘tried ‘n true’ storytelling technique.  It’s

SIMPLE!  Say a short sentence, add a movement,

and have your audience copy and repeat both (call

and response) -- simple!  Gregarious story antics,

kinesthetic story mapping, and puppetizing of the

tale happens as mind-warping fun unfolds.  Here’s

an active "learn-by-doing," talk a lot, listen some,

open-ended, social exploration, on-line Zoom class. 

Really!  Extend every picture book, open storytelling

creativity, and learn to root stories in the body. 

Come for the FUN of it!   

(For All.)

7:30pm-9:00pm USA Eastern time (Saturday 16th May).      

5:00am-6:30am India time (Sunday 17th May).


Workshop 5 -- Aparna Athreya (Bangalore).

"Ways to Use Storytelling to Help Teenagers Better

Understand Themselves and Their Environments, and

Make Good Decisions."

(Especially for Teachers and Parents.)

10:30pm-12:00am USA Eastern time (Saturday 16th May). 

8:00am-9:30am India time (Sunday 17th May).


Workshop 6 -- Rituparna Ghosh (New Delhi).

"Using Personal Stories for Self-branding:

What Does Your Story Say About You?"

Each of us has a bag of stories, filled with

the ones we have lived and experienced. 

But do you know how to tell a personal tale

without sounding like a braggart?  Where

and how can you retrieve your personal

tales and use them in your work?  Join

Rituparna as she helps you rummage

through your bag of personal stories,

helping you to share the spark of your life.

(Especially for Adults.)

12:00am-1:30am USA Eastern time (Sunday 17th May).    

9:30am-11:00am India time (Sunday 17th May).


Workshop 7 -- Sowmya Srinivasan (Bangalore).

“Embracing Emotions through Storytelling."

This Workshop would involve exploring the

journey of emotions through the lens of a 

traditional story.  We can access the

unconscious (inner world) through a

traditional story which allows individuals

to travel on a “Hero’s Journey” and in that

process identify with images, feelings, and

memories that are brought to our awareness

through associations.  Here the journey itself

is not as important as the enduring images

that stay with us.  We would experience the

healing story process and delve deeper into

our associations and connections with the

Story.  Participants are requested to have

plain A 4 sheets of paper, and crayons.

(Especially for Adults.) 

1:30am-3:00am USA Eastern time (Sunday 17th May).        

11:00am-12:30pm India time (Sunday 17th May).


Workshop 8 -- Tuaratini (Auckland, New Zealand).

"Navigating Te Moana Nui O Kiva (the Pacific

Ocean) During the Changing Tides."

Take the journey across the vast ocean with

Tuaratini as she introduces you to the

storytelling of Pacific people.  Step into the

Storytelling Va (Sacred Space) and explore

digital transmission using instruments/props

that draw from the “bubble.”  Tuaratini's

people were once voyagers and navigators --

adjusting the sails for every change at sea. 

During this difficult time, the world is adjusting.

Join Tuaratini and draw on the ancient

knowledge of her ancestors to navigate this

new world.  The Workshop would include

Pacific movement, language, chant, and song.

(For All.)

4:30am-6:00am USA Eastern time (Sunday 17th May).         

2:00pm-3:30pm India time (Sunday 17th May).


Workshop 9 -- Deepa Kiran (Hyderabad).

"Developing the Storyteller's Voice."

We would work on vocal chords; and on clarity,

expressiveness, and volume in speech: tools

that add vigour to any storytelling performance.  

(For All.)

6:00am-7:30am USA Eastern time (Sunday 17th May).        

3:30pm-5:00 India time (Sunday 17th May).





Event No. 9

The Tamil story, the Epic of the Anklet (Silappathikaram)

would be told (in English).  This would be followed 

by a discussion about the story, the way it had been

told, and ways aspects of the story may resonate with 


9:00pm-10:00pm USA Eastern time (Saturday 16th May).    

6:30am-7:30am India time (Sunday 16th May).


The story would be told, and the discussion would be led,

by Eric Miller.


Two writings by Eric about the Epic of the Anklet are,


1) "In Praise of Citizen Kannagi", The Hindu (Chennai

Edition), 16 June 2006, Op-Ed article,


2) "Tamil Nadu's Silappathikaram (Epic of the Ankle Bracelet):

Ancient Story and Modern Identity," Self-published booklet,

Chennai, 1991.




Here is the climactic Court Scene from two cinema

versions of the Epic of the Anklet --


Kannagi (1942).


Poompuhar (1964).


English subtitles yet to come.