"Virtual Storytelling Conference:

Storytelling in a World Shaped by



A 24-hour Conference starting on Saturday 16th May 2020

at 9am Eastern USA time / 6:30pm India time.


Conference Introduction


Conference Schedule


Conference Poster




Links to

Statements of Greetings

(written, or video recordings)


Storytelling Performances

(video recordings)


Before the Conference begins,

please send Conference-related

written statements, and links to

audio/video recordings, to

virtualstorytellingconference@gmail.com .

This material would (within reason)

be posted here.  Thank you!

- Eric




1) Written Greetings from Graham

Williams, a Business/Organizational

Storyteller in Cape Town, South Africa.


2) Written Greetings from Tuaratini, 

an Indigenous Storyteller and Cultural

Organizer in Auckland, New Zealand.

In the Conference, Tuaratini would be

conducting this Workshop.


3) Written Greetings from Karen Golden,

a Storyteller and Educator in Los Angeles,



A video recording of a story told by Karen,

"Good Neighbors During COVID-19,"



4) Written Greetings from Geeta Ramanujam,

a Storyteller and Educator in Bengaluru,

In the Conference, Geeta would be speaking

in the Panel Discussion, and would be telling

a story.


5) Written Greetings from Priyanka Chatterjee,

Yogita Bansal Ahuja, and Seema Wahi

Mukherjee, of the Storytelling Education

and Arts India Council.

In the Conference, Priyanka, Yogita, and

Seema would be telling stories in this Session.