An 11-session Course on

"Using a 'Storytelling Therapy' Method

for Life Coaching, Counselling, and



Applications of this Storytelling Therapy

method include:

*  Providing Training in Life Skills, Soft Skills,

and Communication Skills,

*  Providing Life Coaching,

*  Facilitating Personality Development, and

*  Facilitating Healing,

in addition to Providing Counselling and Therapy.




11 weekly sessions.

Wednesdays -- 3rd March to 12th May 2021.


7pm-9pm India time.

For the Course timing in other time zones --


Via Zoom videoconference.




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The Storytelling Therapy method I am helping

to develop, and am practising and teaching,

has 8 steps:


1) Tell one's "Life story" (perhaps a ten-minute version).

2) Listeners share similar experiences.

3) Identify turning points, outstanding motifs, and themes.

4) Gather "Associative stories" (using free association).

5) Add to and otherwise modify any of the above-mentioned stories.

6) Speak to and as characters in the stories.

7) Bring to mind metaphors for aspects of the stories.

8) Compose a "Healing story" (An Inspiring / Encouraging /

Guiding / Integrating / Transforming story.)


As part of

> 6) Speak to and as characters in the stories,

we would use the "Active Imagination" technique

that was first developed by Carl Jung,


The 8 steps in more detail are here.


This 8-step method is based on

Carl Jung's 3-step therapeutic approach.




Links to the Course readings (most of

them are optional) are at


The assignments are at


The readings and assignments would

not take much time.


There is only one written assignment

(to write down the Healing/Transforming

story one would have composed for oneself).




Fairytale Therapy is an important part of

this Course. The Course reading list has

numerous essays on the topic, including

my essay,


"Fairytale Therapy: A Type of Storytelling Therapy,"




The minimum number of Course

participants is 4. The maximum number

is 12.




Regarding my experience with

Storytelling and Videoconferencing --


Links to recordings of 20 videoconferences

I have co-facilitated over the past 20 years

are at .

(Item 22 on this webpage is a link to a

recording of part of the Opening Session

of the Feb-May 2020 edition of this Course.)


In 2017, I guest-edited "Ways Storytellers

are Using Audio- and Videoconferencing

for Training, Discussion, and Performance" --

a 12-page section of the USA National

Storytelling Network's Storytelling Magazine.

This section is at


And very recently (16th and 17th May 2020),

I facilitated the 24-hour "Virtual Storytelling

Conference"  --




Please let me know if you might have any

questions relating to the Course.


Also, please let me know if you might like

to register for the Course. The Course fee

is 12,000 Indian rupees, or 400 USA dollars.

Upon your request, I would send to you ways

the payment could be given.




Best regards,


- Eric



Dr Eric Miller

India mobile: 98403 94282



World Storytelling Institute,

Chennai Storytelling Festival,

Storytelling Therapy Association of India --


Virtual Storytelling Conference (16-17 May 2020),


Assistant Director,

East West Center for Counselling and Training,

Indian Institute of Psychodrama --



Indian Storytelling Network --




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