Dr Eric Miller

PhD in Folklore,

MSc in Psychology
Scholar, Writer (Fiction and Non-fiction),

Storytelling and Writing Instructor,

Psychological Counsellor, Life Coach,

and Storytelling Therapy Trainer
89 writings relating to:

Storytelling Therapy.


Tamil Nadu, South India.

Additional topics.


Primary offerings:

1) One-on-one training in "Storytelling Therapy"

(also useful for Life Coaching and for facilitating

Personality Development). Info is here.

2) Group training in "Storytelling" (for adults).

Info is here.


Specialised and customised trainings are available

regarding "Story Composition", "Storytelling", and "Story Writing"

for Adults (Parents, Tour Guides, Trainers, Performers, Writers, etc).

for Educators.

for Therapists (notes).

for People in the Business World.
for People interested in Tribal Cultures.

for Teenagers.


All of the above could occur in-person (in Chennai, etc) 

or via Zoom videoconference.



PhD in Folklore, University of Pennsylvania (2010).

MSc in Psychology, University of Madras (2019).

One-year Course in Psychological Counselling,

     Chennai Counsellors Foundation (2016).

Six-week Course in Life Coaching, Soul Sympony (2020).


Links to recordings of 20 videoconferences

Dr Eric has co-facilitated are here.


Links to 91 newspaper, etc, articles

mentioning Dr Eric's work are here.


Curriculum Vitae

Life Narrative



( Chennai ) 98403 94282




2007-Present (2022) --
World Storytelling Institute
Co-Founder and Director.

Workshops and Trainings.

Recent Activities.


2007-Present --

East West Center for Counselling and Training

Co-Founder and Assistant Director.


2007-Present --

Indian Institute of Psychodrama,

Co-Founder and Assistant Director.


2011-Present --
Indian Storytelling Network
Co-Founder and Co-Facilitator.


2013-Present --

Chennai Storytelling Festival

"Ways Storytelling of Various Cultures, Religions, World-views, and Practices can Facilitate Growing, Maturing, Teaching and Learning, Playing, Creating, Transforming, and/or Healing in Individuals and Groups -- and the Healing of the Environment."

Co-Founder and Director.

11) 2023 (3-26 Feb), mostly via Zoom.

10) 2022 (4-27 Feb), via Zoom.

9)  2021 (5-28 Feb), via Zoom.

8)  2020 (7-16 Feb).

7)  2019 (1-10 Feb).

6)  2018 (2-11 Feb).

5)  2017 (3-12 Feb).

4)  2016, Storytelling for Communication (5-14 Feb).

3)  2015, Storytelling for Teaching and Training (6-15 Feb).

2)  2014, Storytelling and Healing (7-9 Feb).

1)  2013, Teaching-and-Learning about Storytelling (1-3 Feb).


28 September 2013  --

Kaani Tribal Storytelling Festival -- Language, Culture, and Nature


In Pechiparai, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu.




Selected Writings

Dr Eric Miller © 2023



20 items

*  "Videoconferencing at the University of Pennsylvania",

report (1998)

*  "Videoconferencing at the University of Pennsylvania Update: Response to the 2002-7 Strategic Plan"

report (2002)

*  "Principles of Videoconferencing"

notes (1999) 

*  "Videoconferencing for Folklorists"

talk abstract (1999)

*  "A Report on the 1996 Storytelling for the New Millennium Conference"

article (1996)

*  "The 1999 Grammy Award Television Broadcast: Ritual Aspects of the Set Design"

paper (1999)

*  "A Mass-media Object in a Face-to-face Ritual: The Case of Television Sets in Restaurants and Bars"

paper (1999)

*  "Videoconferencing and the Teaching of Tamil Language and Verbal Arts"

article (2002)

*  "Child’s Play, Language Teaching and Learning, and Videoconferencing"

article (2003)

*  "Chennai and Videoconferencing"

article (2003)

*  "The 16 Oct. 2004, and 15 Oct. 2005, Webcasted-videoconferences for the Demonstration and Discussion of Children's Tamil (and Other) Songs-dances-games, and Methods of Teaching and Learning Spoken Tamil Language"

article (2004)

*  "Ideas for Cultural Videoconferencing in the Cairns Area (Northeastern Australia)"

essay (2005)

*  "Storytelling and Videoconferencing"

talk notes (2006)

*  "Videoconference Interviews in the Folklore Classroom"

article (2008)

*  "Ethnographic Videoconferencing, as Applied to Songs/Chants/Dances/Games of South Indian Children, and Language Learning" 

PhD dissertation (2010)

*  "Videoconferencing"

chapter in PhD



*  "Methods and Options for Videoconferencing in Relation to the Tamil Language in 2010"

paper (2010)

*  "Ethnographic Videoconferencing"

article (2012)

*  "Storytelling in the Age of Videoconferencing".

The article as plain text is here.

article (2013)

*  "Ways Storytellers are Using Audio- and Videoconferencing for Training, Discussion, and Performance", introduced and edited by Dr Eric.


12-page section of Storytelling Magazine (2017)




27 items

*  "12 Principles of Physically-present Storytelling"

MA thesis

excerpt (1996)

*  "Visuals Accompanying Physically-present  Storytelling"

MA thesis (1996)

*  "The In-performance Identification Process"

talk notes (2000)

*  "Turn-taking and Relevance in Conversation"

paper (1999)

*  "Roleplaying in an African Storytelling Event"

paper (1998)

*  "Continuity and Change in Chinese Storytelling"

paper (2000)

*  "The Performance of Epic"

course notes (1999)

*  "The Performance of Epic and the Practice of Lament"

Folklore PhD exam (2001)

*  "Textualization and Mediatization of Verbal Arts"

Folklore PhD exam (2001)

*  "Verbal Play and Language Acquisition"

paper (2003)

*  "Program for a Tamil Language Learning Session: Singing-Games and Question-and-Answer Routines"

notes (2006)

*  "Storytelling Studies, and Subbu Arumugam's Villupattu (Bow Song)"

notes (2006)

*  "Theories of Story and Storytelling"

notes (2010)

*  "Weaving Magic: Storytelling in Chennai"

article (2010)

*  "Children's Songs/Chants/Dances/Games"

chapter in PhD

dissertation (2010)

*  "Using Storytelling to Facilitate Reading and Writing"

notes (2011)

*  "Storytelling and Story-listening, and Children's Intellectual, Emotional, and Social Development"

paper (2011)

*  "Are Fairy Tales Indigenous to India?"

essay (2011)

*  "Aspects of the Storytelling Revival in India"

essay (2011)

*  "Storytelling between Husbands and Wives"

Four topics of stories a husband and wife -- or any people in a relationship -- might tell to, and discuss with, each other on a regular basis.

notes (2013)

*  "Role-playing in Storytelling"

essay (2013)

*  "Notes after the 2nd Session of a 3-session Workshop on Role-playing in Storytelling"

notes (2016)

*  "Dance, Movement, Gesture, and Posture in Storytelling"

notes (2014)

*  "Storytelling by and for Adults at a Café Coffee Day"

The article as plain text is here.

article (2014)

*  "Ways Storytelling can be used for Teaching-and-Learning"

essay (2015)

*  "Ways Verbal Play such as Storytelling and Word-games Can Be Used for Teaching-and-learning Languages"

essay (2015)

*  "The Storytelling Scene in Chennai"

essay (2016)



Storytelling Studies.

An Academic Discipline, or Interdisciplinary Field.


·  Courses In and/or About Storytelling (needs to be updated).

·  Towards a Definition of the Discipline

·  Storytelling Studies Bibliography (needs to be updated).

·  Course and Workshop Descriptions





14 items

*  "Child Development, Arts Therapies, Education -- and Storytelling"

article (2014)

*  "Expressive Arts Therapy -- including Storytelling Therapy -- in Cultural Context"

article (2016)

*  "Becoming Oneself: A Goal in Carl Jung's Conception of Therapy"

essay (2016)

*  "Review of a Drama-and-Movement Therapy Workshop"

review (2016)

*  "Story and Storytelling in Storytelling Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy"

essay (2016)

*  "Fairytale Therapy: A Type of Storytelling Therapy"

essay (2017)

*  "The 7 Steps of a Storytelling Therapy Process"

notes (2018)

*  "Giving Training in -- and Practicing -- a Form of Storytelling Therapy, In-person and via Videoconference"

article (2019)

*  "Symbols in Dreams and Myths: My Response to The Shaman's Doorway (1976) and The Mythic Imagination (1990) -- Two Books by Stephen Larsen"

article (2019)

*  "Conversing with Characters within Oneself: A Form of Therapeutic Role-playing"

article (2019)

*  "There's a New Therapist in Town: Storytelling Therapy", Indian Express.

The unedited version is here.

article (2019)

*  "A Method of Coaching and Counselling Using Aspects of Storytelling Therapy"

notes (2019)

* "Storytelling and Healing"

notes (2020)

* "Storytelling Therapy Workshop in Shillong (Meghalaya, Northeast India) on 18th Nov 2022"

transcript (2022)




17 items

*  "Tamil Nadu's Silappathikaram (Epic of the Anklet): Ancient Story and Modern Identity"

booklet (1991)

*  "Tamil Folklore Studies: The Contemporary Scene and its Background"

paper (2000)

*  "The Culture Area, South India"

Folklore PhD exam (2001)

*  "Wireless Internet Access in Rural South India"

report (2000)

*  "Thoughts about the New Delhi Symposium, Folklore, the Public Sphere, and Civil Society"

interview (2002)

*  "The Public Sphere, Folklore, and Interactive Telecommunication in Rural India"

article (2003)

*  Review of Changing Tribal Life: A Socio-Philosophical Perspective 

book review (2003)

*  "The Asian Century of Folklore Scholarship: Reflections on the Chennai Conference"

editorial (2004)

*  "Cultivating a Forest Language: Development Ideas for Kani Tribal People of Tamil Nadu's Kanniyakumari District"

Also, please see

"Invitation to a talk on Nature and Language"

article (2004)

*  "Public Presentation of Folklore: Politics of Technology, Culture, and Discourse"

article (2005)

*  "In Praise of Citizen Kannagi"

op-ed article (2006)

*  "Kannagi: Global Symbol of Justice"

text of a speech (2007)

*  "Tamil Nadu in 2020"  (in English)  /  (in Tamil)

essay (2007)

*  "The Geography, Climate, History, and Culture of Tamil Nadu, South India"; and, "The Kani People: A Tribe of the Mountain Forest".

chapter in PhD dissertation (2010)

*  "Marina Beach Deserves a Living Museum".

The original, unedited version of the article as plain text is here.

article (2013)

*  "Variations in and of the Story of the Silappathikaram (the Epic of the Anklet)"

article (2016)

*  "Researching and Rethinking Folklore, Communication, and Kannagi"

text of a talk (2022)




11 items

*  "Why and How Has 'Habermas' Become a Household Word in the Social Sciences?"

paper (1999)

*  "The Guardian-spirit Lady in the Experience of Edwin Pillay"

paper (1999)

*  "Festive Art in a Festive Neighborhood: Street Mosaics in New York City's East Village"

paper (2000)

*  "Live Video as Performance on New York City's Lower East Side in the 1980s"

article (2003)

*  "Some Habitation Attitudes and Practices on New York City’s Lower East Side, 1982 to 2002"

article (2006)

*  "A Folklorist's Report from Tamil Nadu, South India: Fieldwork, Public Folklore, Commercial Folklore-related Projects, and Teaching Folklore"

essay (2011)

*  "Sports -- Identity, Stories, and Images -- and the Boston Marathon"

essay (2013)

*  "The Value of the Multi-Discipline Approach to Research"

text of a speech (2013)

*  "A Review of a School"

essay (2022)

*  "Uses of Educational Technology"

text of a talk (2022)

*  "Definitions of Folklore, the History of Folklore Studies, and the Concept of the Living Museum"

text of a talk (2022)


4 online audio-video recordings of Ethnographic

Videoconferences co-facilitated by Dr Eric Miller:


*  Oct 2011 -- The participants are people in Chennai, and

Bloomington (Indiana, USA).  The event concerns the Mahabharata,

and features a professional Mahabharata storyteller on the Chennai

side.  Event notes are here, and the videoconference recording is

here (the event begins at 20:50 into the recording).  (A back-up of

the recording on Youtube is here.)


*  Oct 2012 -- The participants are college students in Chennai, and

Cairo (Egypt).  Event notes are here,  and the recording is here.


*  March 2013 -- The participants are college students in Chennai,

and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).  Students discuss their identities as

expressed through their language use (sayings, proverbs, etc) and

other cultural practices.  The recording is here.


*  Oct 2013 -- The participants are high school students in Chennai,

and Burlington, Wisconsin, USA.  Students discuss their identities as

expressed through their language use (sayings, proverbs, etc) and

other cultural practices.  Event notes are here, and the recording is 




Jan 2014 -- Videoconference Discussion about Storytelling and

Healing.  Info about, and a link to a recording of, this

videoconference is here.


March 2014 -- Videoconference Discussion about Dragons and

other Monsterson World Storytelling Day.  Info about, and a link

to a recording of, this videoconference is here.


Feb 2015 -- Videoconference Discussion about Using Storytelling

to Teach Languages.  Info about, and a link to a recording of, this

videoconference is here.


Three online audio-video recordings of Dr Eric are,

*  Talking about Videoconferencing (June 2007).

*  Talking about Storytelling (Nov 2010).

*  Talking about Tribal People in India (Nov 2010).



Two articles about Dr Eric giving Storytelling Training via

Videoconference are,

*  "Learn to Tell Tales with Online Classes",  Deccan Chronicle, 

Chennai Chronicle section,  page 21 (21 May 2015).

*  "Storytelling via Interactive Video?",  Indian Express,

City section, page 3 (19 May 2016).




Last updated, May 2020.